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About us

Born out of the belief that an amazing place deserves an amazing future, Transylvania Beyond School of Creativity is the school for creativity in Eastern Europe.

With an incredible track record of talks, workshops and speakers, its ultimate goal is to inspire, motivate and push the limits of anyone brave enough to challenge themselves. It sets the bar high and it never disappoints.

Whether it’s innovation, copywriting, art direction or marketing, it offers something for everyone who’s willing to listen and learn. It’s everything a school should be. And it’s everything a school is not.

It’s for those who know they don’t know everything. For those who want to be better. For those who need a refresh. All, right here, in the heart of Transylvania.

We know that the best thing you can do for a better future is invest in a better you. 

So make sure you invest wisely.

Topics we teach

Whether you want to start your own business, or be more than just a number on the payroll, you can learn how to become more resourceful and self-sufficient to reach your goals.


To be the best you can be in the ‘game of business’, you have to know how the game works. Learn how to best plan and organise all the elements of your business, to ensure you’ve got it all covered.


Ideas don’t just happen. We make them happen. There are a few sure ways to make sure you always come up with the most innovative ideas that actually work, and we’re ready to share.


In business, there are no unsolvable problems. Just poor strategies. Learn how to best approach a problem to make sure you will always have an answer.


The road from idea to reality is a long and arduous one. Ensure all ideas come to life in a way that does them justice, efficiently and effectively.


Refresh that Pinterest wall, get out of that creative rut, stretch your mind, and find new ways to visually bring ideas to life.


Got a novel you’ve been working on for a while now? Or just feel like you need to bring some joy back into your writing? Develop your style, grow your voice, get inspired, and learn new ways to put that pen on paper.


Coming up with a great idea is not easy. Getting people to buy it, however, can sometimes be even harder. Refine your presentation skills to make sure your ideas take the spotlight each and every time.


Everything you do has to have a reason, and everything you say has to mean something. Explore how to best communicat what you do and what you say, so you always make sense. Makes sense?


Understanding the depth of a brand and its layers can be vital to its success. Learn how to build or expand your brand, by developing a strong strategy.


Your name can make or break you. Establish a strong approach to creating and maintaining a good reputation.


In a world dominated by tech, finding ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is vital. Learn how to develop strong products and bulletproof strategies and ultimately become the competition.


Good ideas take thought. Great ideas take courage. Learn how to best venture into the (creative) unknown, and create things people will remember.


Every little thing we do requires us to be more or less creative. Explore the full potential of creative thinking, and see how to make every little thing big.


We live our life behind a screen. Understand how to make it a good one by always making sure your decisions are backed by a strong strategy.

Our events
  • Masterclasses

Our masterclasses  are interactive, participative training events for up to 30 delegates, hosted by a world class facilitator.  The format is over two days at a venue in Cluj. The themes of the Masterclasses are predominantly related to the Creative Industry, with some suitable for marketeers in medium to larger companies.


  • Flagship events

These are high-profile, inspirational moments with well-known speakers from the creative industry or business.  The themes will always be close to our heart delivering inspiration and challenge to the delegates. This is a larger scale format with up to 100 participants in a 2-3h session.


  • Bootcamps

This is a special format immersive training event over several days designed specifically for professionals in the Creative Industries.  World class speakers deliver insights into global best practice through intensive, interactive sessions that challenge and inspire. Bootcamps will be residential at a picturesque location near Cluj, thus maximizing the opportunity of in-depth engagement between speakers and 25 participants.


  • Speaker Advisory 

A fully dedicated program for companies that choose to invest in their employees, it’s a tailored masterclass for an entire department or flagship event, meant to develop and inspire people to be the best they can be. Bringing in world class facilitators, we take care of everything. All you need to do is bring us the minds ready to learn and improve.

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