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The Sinking Church of Bezidu
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The Sinking Church of Bezidu

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Bezidu is a small village administrated by the town of Sangeorgiu de Pădure, being located in the Mures County, within the Szekely Land, Transylvania. The church of Bezidu was centuries old and was sunk along with 100 houses in the summer of 1988 by the communist authorities in order to create the Bezid Lake. The villagers were relocated; however the bitterness lived on in their hearts.



The only building which remained uncovered and stood out is the Catholic Church built on a hill, its tower peeking out of the lake.

Despite the dismal and harrowing stories surrounding the sites, the lake is quite popular amongst fishermen and campers.

The lake was formed by the construction of a dam on the Cusmed creek, which springs nearby Praid. The work for the lake began in 1975, yet the final result was achieved only in 1992.

Three small villages were sunk.

Some villagers were relocated; other emigrated to the nearby cities and communes. Most of them were left with a bitter taste, as they’ve lost almost all of their personal belongings.