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The Outskirts of Sibiu
  -    -    -  The Outskirts of Sibiu

The Outskirts of Sibiu

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Located in the western part of Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, which means literally the Outskirts of Sibiu, is the region limited by the Saliste Valley in the north and Sadu Valley to the south.
The area comprises of 18 villages and towns, inhabited mainly by Romanians, but also Germans and Hungarians. The rich history and the strong attachment of the locals to their customs and traditions make Marginimea Sibiului an attraction for anyone interested in the traditional lifestyle of Romanians.



Location – the area is situated merely 19 km from Sibiu.

History – The oldest settlement in the area is Rasinari village, which was mentioned in a historical document in 1204.

Tradition and culture – the whole area is an oasis of folk culture, traditional crafts, and a simple and quiet way of life.

Economy – locals have been earning their bread through agriculture and sheep husbandry


Must see

Old churches – the church from Saliste is the oldest in the area, dating from 1674; other old churches are the ones in Poiana Sibiului (1771) and Talmacel (1776).

Museums and memorial houses – the village museums from Saliste and Rasinari should not be missed. Also worth your time are the memorial houses of famous Romanian writers Emil Cioran and Octavian Goga.

The Museum of Glass Painted Icons – located in Sibiel, the Museum exhibits some fascinating religious themed art, with icons painted on glass at the centerpiece.

The Dacian Citadel – you can visit the remains of an ancient Dacian fortress, located nearby the village of Tilisca.

For explorers

Balea Lake – located in the Fagaras Mountains roughly 50 kilometers from Sibiu, Balea Lake is a glacial lake situated at an altitude of 2034m.

Activities and sports – hike the Cindrel and Fagaras Mountains, or choose a guided bike tour.

For families

The Old Town of Sibiu – Sibiu is a medieval town with many touristic attractions, maybe the best of all being the Old Town. Built in the Middle Ages by the Saxons, the quarter has many historic buildings and charming streets, and is divided between the Upper town and the Lower Town.

The Citadel of Sibiu – the best preserved citadel in the country, with many towers and bastions that stand to this day.

The Huet Square – is home to numerous Gothic buildings among which the most impressive is the Evangelical Cathedral.


In the area

The Transfagarasan Road – one of the most spectacular roads in Romania, with the highest point at 2034m, the Transfagarasan Road was built during the communist period, as a strategic way, in order to connect Transylvania to Wallachia


Practical info

How to get there:

You can reach the Outskirts of Sibiu by car or bus from Sibiu, where you find an international airport. Be aware that Sibiu is not crossed by a railway, so it’s easier to reach the city by car, than by train.