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The Land of Nasaud
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The Land of Nasaud

©Colibita Lake in the Land of Nasaud (copyright: creative commons)

Located in the central-northern part of Romania, Bistrita Nasaud County has about 81.000 inhabitants, and spans a surface of 5.355 square kilometers.
The seat of the county is Bistrita, a medieval town with a rich Saxon heritage located at the foot of the Bargau Mountains, a strategic area that connects Transylvania to Bucovina.
The Nasaud area is a traditional area located around the city of Bistrita, known for its historic monuments, well preserved traditional lifestyle, and beautiful natural attractions.



Archeologists discovered signs of inhabitation dating back to the Neolithic period, but the first official mentions of the settlements from the Bistrita area date from the 13th century.

The city of Bistrita is one of the seven Transylvanian citadels built by the Saxons, and known under the name of Siebenburgen. The town was initially called Civitas Bysterce and later Bistritz.


Must see

The Sugalete Medieval Houses – located in the Main Square, these old buildings are connected by 20 archways. Built in the Gothic style with Renaissance elements by the merchants of the 15th – 16th centuries, these were mainly family residences.

The Coopers’ Tower – it is the only tower remaining from a total of 18 built to fortified the citadel; it was erected on three levels between 1465 and 1575.

The Silversmiths’ House – located on Dornei street, the edifice was built in the 15th century in the Renaissance style, to serve as residence for the jewelers of Bistrita.

For explorers

Caves and gorges – in the mountains that surround Bistrita, nature lovers and adrenaline enthusiasts can visit Tausoare, the deepest cave in Romania, as well as the spectacular Bistrita Valley and Bistrita Gorges.

For families

The Bistrita County Museum – Elements of Romanian, Saxon, and Hungarian folk art are being displayed together within the walls of this interesting museum, along with arms, jewelry, and other artifacts, some as old as the 14th century BC.

The Arcalia Dendrology Park – located in the village of the same name, only 17 km away from Bistrita, this beautiful park hosts over 160 species of interesting trees and shrubs.

In the area

The Saxon villages of Nasaud – don’t miss a tour of the Saxon villages in the Nasaud area, part of the great German heritage of Romania.

The Bargau Valley – dotted with authentic Romanian rural settlements, the picturesque landscapes of the Bargau Valley became famous after Bram Stoker placed the castle of the fictional Count Dracula in the area


Practical info

How to get there: You can reach the Nasaud area by bus, car, or train. The nearest airport is placed in Targu Mures (105 km), while a larger and better served one is located in Cluj Napoca, roughly 113 km from Bistrita.