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In Central Romania, in the eastern part of Transylvania, within the Mures County, lies Sovata, a spa resort with its first reference dating back to 1578. Part of the historical Szekely Land, Sovata is unique in the country and across the continent for its salty, helio-thermal waters (Bear Lake, Nut Lake, Black Lake, Green Lake, Red Lake) which have been known to help alleviate symptoms and treat a range of diseases and afflictions.



Sovata is also known as “the women’s spa”, for it has proved efficient in the mending of gynaecological and sterility problems.

It is situated in close vicinity to the salt mine of Praid, where the suitable environment offers a great relief for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory afflictions.

The beautiful landscapes and forested areas of the resort are a notable tourist attraction and the heliothermal Lake Ursu (Bear) is one of a kind in Europe.

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Its natural resources of mineral waters and sapropelic mud are ideal in the use of therapy for the remedy of ailments and diseases (endocrine system problems, arthritis, cardiovascular afflictions, etc.)

It benefits of fitness and rehabilitation centres, indoor thermal swimming pools (wonderful for the cold seasons), aqua gyms, sauna and natural thermal lakes. Treatments such as mud applications, massages and hydrotherapy are often used.

Sovata is also a winter resort and it has many trekking and hiking resorts which are great to experience due to the beautiful surrounding forests and landscapes.

With a temperate-continental climate, Sovata has an average annual 45 degrees F.


Must see

Bear Lake – the largest helio-thermic lake in Europe.

The mine salt of Praid – it attracts over 400,000 tourists each year and it is renowned for the curative effects on the respiratory system

The Mineral Water Springs

The Gurghiu Mountains – famed for the abundance of wildlife such as boars, deer, bears, etc., they are a range of the Caliman-Harghita Mountains, part of the Eastern Carpathians

Corund – the Harghita County commune, famed for its pottery and ceramics

Odorheiu Secuiesc – the second largest city in Harghita County