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Saint Anne Lake
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Saint Anne Lake

©Lacul Sfanta Ana (copyright: creative commons)

Saint Anne Lake is the only volcanic lake in Romania and Central Europe, located in a volcanic crater in the rugged Ciomatu Mountains, at an altitude of 946 meters. The lake is part of the Mohos Nature Reserve, a protected area included in the Nature 2000 program, located near the town of Tușnad on the administrative territory of Harghita County.



The history of the lake goes back in the past about 8,800 – 9,800 years. Saint Anne Lake has an oval form and a surface of about 220,000 square meters. It’s relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of only 6.4 meters. The length of the lake is 620 meters, while the width is about 460 meters.

Unlike most bodies of water, Saint Anne Lake is not supplied with water from springs, the only source of water being precipitations and the water coming from the surrounding slopes. While the volcanic activity of Ciomatu Mountains has long ceased, the lake is still shaped by the geological phenomena that created its surroundings.

Gases bubble up from the bottom of the lake, as a consequence of the last eruption. The water is also extremely pure, having almost the same level of mineralization as distilled water. The level of oxygen is so low that most animals can’t survive.

The beautiful Saint Anne Lake attracts tourists thanks to its unique appearance and picturesque natural surroundings. Unfortunately, there’s no lodging near the lake, but you can camp out throughout summer. The lake is harder to reach during the winter, when the water is covered with one meter thick layer of ice.