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While not as posh as Poiana Brasov, Predeal is still a top destination for mountain lovers and winter sports addicts in Romania. The resort is located about 25 kilometers from Brasov, in a scenic natural setting in the mountain pass that connects Transylvania to Wallachia.
The varied and relatively affordable accommodation options, the good ski runs, and the many hiking trails that await nature enthusiasts all year round are a few of the attractions that make Predeal a great holiday option.



Predeal is the town located at the highest altitude in Romania – 1033 meters.

The name of the settlement means “over the hill” and was adopted in 1875. Previously, the area was known as Podul Neagului.

The areas around Predeal, stretching over the sides of the Bucegi Mountains, are covered in forests that team with wildlife, including boar, wolves, deer and foxes.


Absolute best

Winter sports – there are fewer ski runs than in Poiana Brasov, but at least one of them offers more challenges to expert skiers. Currently, nine slopes are open for skiing and snowboarding. For beginners and casual skiers, the best options are the short runs – Clabucet Sosire, Clabucet Scoala, Clabucet Varianta and Subtelescaun Varianta, all under a kilometer long. Those who look for a more challenging descent can try Cocosul (2250 meters) and Paraul Rece (520 meters), while experts will get their thrills from speeding down Clabucet (2100 meters) and Subtelescaun (1200 meters)

For explorers

Hiking and cycling
– there are 13 marked trails accessible from Predeal, of various degrees of difficulty. For a quick, casual stroll, try the loop starting from the Fulg de Nea complex, a trail that takes about two hours. Bicycles and related equipment are available for rental, however bike trails are not marked so make sure to ask for directions before venturing on your own.

For families

Year-round activities
– there are two main renting centers in Predeal that offer equipment for most activities you’d want to try in the surrounding mountains. In winter time, you can rent skis, snowboards, and snow sleighs, but also ice-skates, if you want to show off your pirouettes on the skating ring that functions in the Fulg de Nea complex, located at the foothill of the Clabucet ski run. In the summer, you can rent hiking equipment from the Fulg de Nea or Clabucet renting centers, as well as mountain bikes. There’s also a tennis court you can book for a friendly match.

In the area

The Peles Castle  There are several landmarks in and round Predeal that you might find worthy of a visit, including the Predeal Monastery and the St Constantine and Helen Church in the town center. The spectacular Bran Castle and Peles Castle are within 30 kilometers of the resort, and can be reached by train or bus.


Practical info

How to get there
There are regular trains to Brasov and Bucharest stopping in Predeal, but you may find it cheaper and faster to travel by maxi taxi (minibus).