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Poiana Brasov
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Poiana Brasov

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Poiana Brasov, on the outskirts of beautiful Brasov, is Romania’s premiere alpine resort and one of the best places in the country for winter sports, but also hiking, sightseeing, and other outdoors activities.
Along with other resorts in Brasov, such as Bran or Predeal, Poiana Brasov is one of the jewels of Romania’s mountain tourism. The resort features several ski runs, mostly suited for beginners and intermediate skiers. Chair lifts, drag lifts, and a cable car are available to take skiers and hikers to the top of scenic Mount Postavaru.
With a rich assortment of hotels and chalets, and with Brasov nearby for more accommodation and entertainment options, Poiana Brasov is a great destination for the perfect mountain holiday.



Poiana Brasov is actually a district of Brasov, and it’s located roughly 12 kilometers from the city center at an altitude of 1030 meters. The resort is easily accessible by car, while the regular bus service will take you to the resort from the center of Brasov in about 20 minutes.

Poiana Brasov is perched on a shoulder of the picturesque Postavaru Massif, framed by the Cheii Valley and Timisului Valley. At 1802 meters, the highest peak of the massif, Cristianul Mare, can be hiked in about three hours during the summer. Tourists can also take the cable car to the peak, which functions all year long.

Must see

The resort features 12 ski runs of various degrees of difficulty. Some of the best are short, like Kanzel (450m), Bradul (456m), Subteleferic 1 (495m), Ruia (540m), but there are also several long ones, such as Subteleferic 2 (2220m), Lupului (2860m) and Drumul Rosu (4600m), which is the longest in Romania.

For explorers

While the resort is best known as a winter destination, the beautiful landscape in the Postavaru Mountains and the surroundings can be just as compelling. There are three nature reserves in the vicinity of Poiana Brasov – the Postavaru Massif (1025 ha), Stejarisul Mare (16.5 ha) and the Valea Cetatii cave (1 hectare). Depending on your stamina and experience, you can choose from several trails of various difficulties, including one leading to the Predeal Resort and one to Mount Tampa in Brasov.

For families

Winter sports
Poiana Brasov is at its finest in the winter. From December to March (sometimes longer), the resort is packed with tourists eager to ski, snowboard, or simply enjoy the snow. Poiana Brasov offers all the amenities that should not miss from a high-end winter sport destination, including well maintained slopes, good transport options (chair lift, cable car), equipment rental, trainers, restaurants and bars.

In the area

Brasov is considered the most important touristic city of Romania, thanks to its rich historic architecture, charming city center, beautiful natural surroundings, and many attractions located within a short drive from the city.


Practical info

How to get there
Poiana Brasov is accessible by bus or car from Brasov. Getting to Brasov is simple, thanks to excellent rail and road connections. Most tourists come from Bucuresti, which is about 160 kilometers away, on the DN1 road or by train. The closest airports are in Bucharest and in Sibiu.