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Geoagiu Bai, known as the “Germisara Roman Thermal Baths”, is located on the right bank of the river Mures, in a depression formed by the latter branch of the Metaliferi Mountains.
Plenty of minerals can be found in the hot springs of the Germisara waters and many historical monuments are scattered around the superb landscapes.



Geoagiu Bai belongs to Hunedoara County, being situated in southern Transylvania and archaeological data shows that the first settlements within the region were made in the 1st century BC.

The name “Germisara” roughly translates to “hot water”, proving that the Dacians held the knowledge about the thermal springs from ancient times.

The administrative area includes 11 villages (Aurel Vlaicu, Bacaia, Bozes, Cigmau, etc.)

The rivers of Bacaia and Geoagiu Bai are mainly carbonated mineral springs and thermal springs (with temperatures ranging from 27.4 to 30 degrees Celsius)

The oligomineral waters are recommended in the treatment of anaemia, allergies, chronic gastritis, peripheral nervous system disorders, etc.


Must see

The St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Bozes Orthodox Church – burnt to the ground in 1784, while it was a simple chapel, it was later rebuilt in 1785 and joined a tower.

The Roman Chapel of Rotonda – a rarity of the Roman religious architecture of Transylvania.

The St. Nicholas Orthodox Church – a construction of impressive dimensions, representative of the Baroque style, dating from 1528.

The Roman Road – dating from the 2nd/3rd century AD, it measures 165 meters in length.

Cave of Outlaws – found on the “Clocota” river in the Geoagiu Bai resort.

The “Prabusita” Cave – situated between TBC Sanatorium and Geoagiu Bai, it is named after the 1977 natural incident that caused the cave to collapse.

The “Clocota” Waterfalls | The “Mada” Cave

For explorers

Many protected areas of exquisite beauty lie in the surrounding area, such as: The Mada Gorge, The Cibului Gorge Natural Reserve, The Fortress of Ardeu or The Poiana Rusca Mountains.


For families

The “Ileana Rus” Folklore Festival – held each August, it promotes and gathers folklore artists with ages between 16 and 30.

The National Fair of Mineral Waters

The Corvin’s Castle – a beautiful destination for the entire family and an important tourist attraction. The eclectic architectural style combines Renaissance elements with Gothic, Neo-gothic and Baroque influences, resulting in a flamboyant edifice of outstanding beauty.

Hunedoara Zoo – near the forest of Chizid, it hosts lions, bears and other wild animals.