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Corvin Castle
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Corvin Castle

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Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, is thought to be the place where Vlad Tepes was imprisoned before his depose in 1462. According to this belief, he was held hostage for seven years by John Hunyadi, Hungary’s then regent and military leader.



The castle is located near the cities of Deva and Hunedoara, within the historic region of Transylvania, in its south western side, belonging to the county of Hunedoara. Its foundation was laid out by John Hunyadi (Iancu de Hunedoara) in a Gothic architectural style which encompasses Renaissance elements. It is viewed as the most imposing and resplendent castle in Transylvania. John Hunyadi reinforced the monument to make it safer and stronger in the event of an attack or battle, however he also transformed it visually, modifying the decorative elements of the halls and guest rooms and the towers.

The castle is now a museum exhibiting many pieces of furniture, paintings, dioramas, clothing, weapons and armour, etc. Graphic drawings depicting torture methods meant for inquiry and “discipline” of wrong-doers are also available within the castle’s court.


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The castle is more than 5 centuries old.

The Romanian name, Castelul Huniazilor or Castelul Corvinilor depicts the names of the masters of the castle.

It features towers which are tall and mighty, ideal for defensive tactics and strategies, inner yards and a drawbridge. The wall is double to prevent any possible damage during or in the event of an attack.

The castle was subject and host to the British paranormal television program Most Haunted Live! for three nights, during which investigations were made for the documentation upon “the realm of the dead” (e.g. ghosts, ghouls, vampires, etc.).

It was initially built by the Anjou family on the site of a Roman camp.


Must see

Corvin Castle is an impressive tourist attraction, abundant in historic relevance and architectural pulchritude and it would be a pity to visit its sites and not delve into its mysteries, legends and offerings. Visit each room of the castle and analyse the outer and inner decorative elements and fortifications. A stunning castle of Transylvania and the most amazing Gothic-style castle of Romania!