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Baile Tusnad
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Baile Tusnad

©Tusnad, Ciucas Lake (copyright: creative commons)

The smallest town in Romania by population, Baile Tusnad is a balneotherapy resort referred to as “Little Switzerland” and “The Pearl of Transylvania”, due to the exceptional breeze that sweeps the people off their feet.



Baile Tusnad is situated in Harghita County, in the Szekely Land. Within the valley of the river Olt, it is concealed between the Harghita and Bodoc mountains. Its beauty and mystery is given by the ancient volcanic area filled with myths and legends and by its mineral springs thought to bear miraculous healing powers (the old tale of the shepherd’s son).

The waters rich in chlorine, sodium, bicarbonate and other minerals offer great remedies for diverse afflictions and illnesses. There are various methods of treatments which are available at the resort, such as herbal baths and internal treatments with the help of mineral water, magnet therapy and medical gymnastics, etc.

Whether it’s for the sake of physical repose or for intense contemplation, the spa resort encompasses entirely the Latin quotation “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”.

Baile Tusnad stands 650 meters high and it was founded around 1842.

Baile Tusnad is referred to as “Little Switzerland” and “The Pearl of Transylvania” due to the exceptional breeze that sweeps the people off their feet. The subalpine climate and softwood forests that surround the area of the resort give it an unmistakable freshness.

Moffeta is a natural carbon dioxide gas dispersed in the air, resulted from the volcanic areas of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. It is used for therapeutic purposes.


Must see

Lake Saint Ana (Lacul Sfanta Ana)
It is the only volcanic lake in Romania and has gathered people from all across the world, therefore being a significant tourist attraction. Found near the Ciomatu Massif, near Tusnad, Lake Ana stands at a 946 meter altitude. It has maintained itself intact until present day and it is a natural reservation.

Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God (Biserica Adormirii Maicii Domnului) – a small Orthodox church

Falcon’s Rock (Stanca Soimului) – it offers an outstanding view over the Olt Defile and the Varteto, Szurdok, and Csomad Peaks, covered entirely with fir trees

Ciucas Lake (Lacul Ciucas): can be found in the middle of the spa resort

Church of Saint Mary (Biserica Sfanta Maria) – a catholic church

For explorers

Those who wish to explore the surrounding sites which are of exquisite beauty, we recommend following the Brasov-Sfantu Gheorghe-Baile Tusnad-Lacul Sfanta Ana route to feast the eyes upon the landscapes of the Ciomatu Massif and the Natural Reservation of Saint Ana

For families

The Annual Folkloric Festival held at Ica Fortress within the month of July

The Mask Ceremony held annually in December at Cernat

The Popular Dressing Festival held annually in the month of June in Baile Balvanyos