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Baile Felix
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Baile Felix

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The Baile Felix and 1 Mai spa resorts are located near Oradea, at a distance of 5 miles (8 km). Baile Felix is renowned for being the best spa resort in Romania, gathering medical centres, swimming resorts and natural monuments.



Baile Felix is home to thermal springs, rich in minerals which have improved general health and alleviated aches and conditions for over 1,000 years through balneotherapy.

The range of treatments varies, depending on the affliction (e.g. inflammatory rheumatic diseases, arthritis, neurological disorders, gynaecological diseases, endocrine disorders, etc.): aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, galvanic baths, thermotherapy, kinesiotherapy, massotherapy, etc.). The temperatures of the thermal springs (20-48°C) are ideal and visitors can also delight themselves with the swimming resorts (pools with artificial waves, aqua park, etc.) which are plentiful of entertainment, games and diverse services meant to alleviate any affliction and guarantee quality time of relaxation and tranquillity. Baile Felix is a worthwhile vacation destination which encompasses both the medicine for ailments, the space for frolic, fun and the stillness for recreation.

The spa is located near the township of Sanmartin, in the western Romanian county Bihor and Crisana region. It is also neighbouring Oradea, which is the capital city of the county.

It is the biggest balneotherapy resort in Romania and is widely regarded as the best, for having exquisite conditions offered by mineral thermal springs.

It is home to a unique natural reservation of three rare species (Nymphaea lotus thermalis or commonly known as the water lily, the fish Scardinus racovitzae and the snail Melanopsis parreyssi) which are protected by law. Due to the constant temperature of 30 degrees of the Peta River, these species have naturally been preserved and have prospered.

Because the temperatures are ideal, the spa resort functions all year round.

The minerals found in the thermal springs are curative factors such as bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium, sodium, etc. Therapeutic hot mud applied with paraffin, medical gyms, electro and hydrotherapy are just a few of the methods used for the alleviation of certain afflictions.
It comprises indoor and outdoor swimming pools (always open, despite bad weather).
The nearby forest, full of birch and oak trees offers a state of calm and buoyancy.


Must see

The Wooden Church of Baile Felix
It is a magnificent monument, built in the year 1785 which can be found in the centre of Baile Felix Spa Resort. It is notable that even though it has suffered serious damage and alterations, the original design of the murals, paintings and icons still stands intact. Religious services and rituals are done according to the Orthodox rite and the religious ceremonies can be heard and followed even from outside the church with the help of speakers.

The Natural Water Lily Reserve of Baile Felix
Protected by the law, one of a kind in Europe and in the world, the unique subtropical water lily has long been a touristic attraction.

Apollo Thermal Water Swimming Pool
Commonly referred to as “Strandul Apollo”, it is an all-year open swimming-pool area, irrespective of seasons or holidays. It consists of three outdoor swimming pools (two for adults and one for children) and an indoor pool. Other offers include tanning salons, therapeutic baths, showers and wardrobes.

Felix Swimming Pool
The largest swimming pool area which can be found in the resort, “Strandul Felix” is abundant in quality services, providing the best conditions and entertainment, all according to the European standards. Three water slides of various sizes are provided for those who want copious amounts of fun.

The Swimming Pool with Waves
Neighbouring the forest and with an overall temperature of 26 degrees, the “Wave” swimming pool offers great excitement and attraction to children and adults of all ages. Tourists can choose a place from the 600 stretched across the greenery and enjoy beverages and snacks.

The Vertical Cave
A cave at Somleului Hill, the Betfia Crater is a karst, not a volcanic crater, with a depth of 86 meters and a vertical drop of almost 54 meters. It is renowned for paragliding and horse-riding activities.

Aqua Park President
Inaugurated in 2012, it offers a cool oasis for summer getaways, having water slides with a length of 70 meters and 750 sun loungers.


For families

Baile Felix offers great conditions for tourist families, with indoor spa facilities (during winter) and swimming pools with slides fit for children of all ages. Within these facilities, centres and hotels, the existing personnel and staff are kind and amiable. Baile Felix can be explored easily by foot, through fast paced or slow paced walks and the touristic attractions are indicated through graphic signs or signals.

Treatments procedures
Geothermal hot springs offer the possibility of warm baths in bathtubs, thermal water pools, hydrotherapy, water gymnastics, sauna etc. Other services and treatments: electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, aero-helio therapy, treatment with sapropelic mud paraffin packs, galvanic baths, beauty treatments with Gerovital and Aslavital anti-aging products, aromatherapy etc.

Fitness, Rehabilitation and Water Gymnastics Centres

Sauna & Jacuzzi

Indoor Thermal & Swimming Pool


In the area

The City of Oradea
Situated 5 miles (8km) north it can be reached or accessed via car or bus. It is one of the most picturesque towns in western Romania, notable for its romantic baroque architecture.

Bear’s Cave in the Bihor Mountains
Located 57 miles southeast, it can be reached or accessed via car. It is a splendid touristic attraction due to the underground waterfalls, glaciers, canyons, cave tunnels and springs. Its name reflects the fossils of bear (extinct over 15,000 years ago) discovered in the cave.