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Alba Carolina Citadel
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Alba Carolina Citadel

©First Gate, Alba Carolina Citadel (copyright: creative commons)

Alba Carolina Citadel, the largest citadel in Romania, at the heart of Alba Iulia, has a story that began more than 2,000 years ago, therefore being one of the cities with the richest history in Transylvania.
It is a fortress with Vauban bastions, built in the shape of a star with seven bastions, in the early eighteenth century in the city of Alba Iulia, on the Citadel Hill, the strategic role of defence fortification against the attack of the Ottoman Hapsburg Empire.



The Alba Iulia Citadel has the perimeter of 110 ha, walls of 12 km, but according to the original print it had over 140 hectares in total size. The fortress is open to the public for daily sightseeing.

In the Alba Carolina fortress, every year takes place the well-known cultural event “Days of Fortress” which recreates the historical atmosphere of this medieval fortification by presenting dances, plays, medieval street mime, juggling with flags, concerts etc.


Must see

Princely Palace
Situated in Alba Iulia near the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Princely Palace was built in the 15th century. It used to be a residence of the princes of Transylvania, being modified and expanded in the centuries XVI-XVII century. It was the royal residence, from the sixteenth century, and for a short period of 11 months, in the years 1599 and 1600, the building served as the residence of Prince Michael the Brave.

Coronation Cathedral
Historical monument of Alba Iulia, the orthodox cathedral is a symbol of Romanian people’s national unity achieved by the Act of 1918. It was built between 1921 and 1922, in the western part of of Alba Iulia.