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Welcome to Transylvania Beyond, the official page of the Regional Brand of Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Beyond is a not for profit organisation dedicated to promoting the region of Transylvania both locally and around the world.
Transylvania Beyond is inspired by the centuries-old name of the region: “trans-silva” means “beyond the forest” in Latin. In modern times, Transylvania has always been positioned somewhere between myth and reality. “Transylvania Beyond” aims to tell the world the story “beyond the myth” of the world’s most mysterious and fascinating region.
Transylvania Beyond, like the region of Transylvania itself, brings together diverse people who are already convinced by the wonder of the land beyond the forest, with a view to attracting visitors to experience Transylvania for themselves.  And it is hoped that many will be inspired to stay and to contribute to the development of this most exciting corner of Europe.
Transylvania Beyond is there to help you find your way to and through Transylvania, be it as a tourist, a start-upper, an entrepreneur, a student, an artist or a teacher.  Allow us to be your guide with information, stories, perspectives and introductions!

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